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Manly P. Hall
Manly P. Hall (1901-1990)

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On the Invisible Sun

Therefore we should venerate the sun, the great source of our light. By means of the physical sun, the earth is made fruitful and the seasons follow each other and the harvest comes. But we must also value the light of that invisible sun — the light of Spirit — for without this all things fail. Without the light of spirit, there will be no material seasons and no harvest. While living it is constantly necessary to balance these two values. Our victory over the ills that now beset us, results from the victory of the individual's consciousness of eternal value over the indecisions, fears, attitudes, doubts and uncertainties of mortal mind. Until this victory is achieved, the individual will never find the security that he seeks. He must, according to his own insight, turn the ultimate rulership of his life over to that directing power which alone can rule wisely.

Manly P. Hall, Lecture 129 - The Road to Inner Light - the Path That Leads to Understanding (1969), page 10

On the Holy of Holies

In our own nature, there is a divine power, seated and rooted in the very inscrutable mystery of the sanctum sanctorum. In the mysterious holy of holies there dwells the final authority over our lives; for it is this authority by which we exist. This authority is truly that in which we live and move and have our being, and to most believing people, it is merely a spark from the great flame of existence itself — that part of the Divine by means of which every living thing participates in the ultimate Divinity.

Manly P. Hall, Lecture 121 - "In My Father's House are Many Mansions" - A Mystical Interpretation of the Universe (1969), page 7

A Flower for Manly P. Hall
Unschooled in universities
yet flowing forth with ancient lore,
he offers glimpses of the One
to help all seekers see within.

He weaves his ample writings
with silver threads and gold
combined with rainbow shades
of steady faith and truth.

His lectures brim with eloquence
without the notes most speakers need.
His seasoned wisdom can be grasped
by any who have ears to hear.

On finding such a mind
as broad and pure as sky
a grateful soul is moved
to offer up this flower.

        Alan Harris