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Manly P. Hall
Manly P. Hall (1901-1990)

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From "Brothers of the Shining Robe"
(Fiction by Manly P. Hall)

It was my voice but the Master's words and as the moments passed he unfolded to the group gathered before me the basic principles of the ancient wisdom. He told of the sacred school of the Twelve Prophets; of the ray of the Black Light; of the Planet of Death and the sacred Lamasaries in India; of the Brothers of the Shining Robe and their labors with mankind and the powers which they have over life and death; and then of the children of men chosen to know the mysteries of God.

At last he stopped and my tongue grew silent too for there seemed no more to say. And so, dazed and bewildered, I sat down—with the Master still beside me.

Hall, Manly P., "Brothers of the Shining Robe," Chapter 4. The All-Seeing Eye (October, 1923) Vol. 1, No. 6: p. 10

An Anecdote about Manly P. Hall

The first question Mr. Claude Bragdon, American mystic, asked Mr. Hall immediately after their first meeting was:

"Mr. Hall, how do you know so much more about the mathematics of Pythagoras than even the authorities on the subject?"

Standing beside both these dear American friends of mine, I was wondering with trepidation in my heart what reply Mr. Hall would make.

"Mr. Bragdon," answered Mr. Hall quickly, unhesitatingly, and with a simultaneous flash of smile in his eyes and on his lips, "you are an occult philosopher. You know that it is easier to know things than to know how one knows those things."

In silence Claude Bragdon, the famous authority in the Fourth Dimension, looked at the radiant face, and into the fathomless eyes of Manly P. Hall; and in silence the four eyes spoke in the solemn language of the soul.

Roy, Basanta Koomar, "America's Timeless Philosopher." Horizon (November-December 1941) Vol. 1, No. 4: p. 15