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Illumination is the light of the soul shining outward through the body
and transmuting every particle of the material nature
with the power of beauty, virtue, and wisdom.

—Manly P. Hall

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Psychology - General







Psychology - General

A Background for Modern Psychology, page 1

Basic Principles of Domestic Psychology
(Simple Rules for Strengthening the Home), page 1

Dangers of New Thought Metaphysics and Psychology,
page 1

Exploring the Collective Subconscious, page 1

Kind Hearts and Gentle People, page 1

On Psychic Persecution, page 30

Philosophic Psychology as Therapy for the Well,
by Henry L. Drake, page 25

Plato's Idealistic Psychology
by Henry L. Drake, page 26

Political Psychology, page 1

Psychology and the Law of Causality, page 32

The Psychology of Ancestor Worship, page 10

The Psychology of Humor, page 1

The Psychology of Optimism, page 1

Psychology of the Japanese Theater, page 22

The Psychology of the Kathopanisad
by Henry L. Drake, page 27


Jamini Roy - His Art and His Psychology (Part I of III,
by Henry L. Drake): The Making of an Artist, page 22

Jamini Roy - His Art and His Psychology (Part II of III),
by Henry L. Drake): The Break with Western Tradition
page 34

Jamini Roy - His Art and His Psychology (Part III of III),
by Henry L. Drake): The Fulfillment of a Mission,
page 28


Creative Imagination, page 88

Creative Imagination as an Instrument of Positive
Psychological Unfoldment, page 34


Broadening Foundations of Knowledge, page 10

Broadening the Foundations of Insight, page 1


The Mind in a Cage of Thought, page 1

Mysteries of the Mind, page 1

Man's Unconscious as a Directive Force (Part I of II):
Fundamentals for Interpretation, by Henry L. Drake, page 27

Man's Unconscious as a Directive Force (Part II of II):
Interpretation of Its Symbology, by Henry L. Drake, page 29

Potentials of the Human Mind, page 1

The Power of Memory, page 16

Teaching the Mind to Think, page 33

Negative Psychic Phenomena, page 1

Intellect, the Heartless Autocrat, page 1


A Bad Disposition Is a Serious Ailment, page 1

The Desire To Become Desireless, page 26

Domination in Personal Living, page 1

Ego and the Present World Dilemma, page 41

Emotionalism, page 3

A Further Look at Retirement Problems, page 1

Gossip, page 6

The High Price of Righteous Indignation, page 1

In Defense of Self, page 34

The Inferiority Complex (Part I of II), page 64

The Inferiority Complex (Part II of II), page 37

Intestinal Fortitude, page 50

The Isolation Syndrome, page 25

Learning From Our Likes and Dislikes, page 1

Never Less Alone Than When Alone, page 9

Pressures That Make Living Difficult, page 29

Principles of True Soul Growth, page 1

Problems of Tension, page 50

Selfishness—a Curable Disease, page 1

Stress, page 10

What Is Peace?, page 1


Easter as Psychotherapy, page 1

New Concepts in Counseling, page 30

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