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Multi-part Articles in the PRS Journals
by Manly P. Hall and Others


When reading the Manly P. Hall journals it can be difficult trying to find and navigate the multi-part articles in the article title lists. This page provides links to all of them. Click on any article part and you will be taken to the appropriate Journal. Most browsers will take you immediately to that article. If yours doesn't, you can scroll down to find the given page number.

Multi-part articles are here listed in chronological order.

Seven Great Laws That Rule the World, by MPH (1942)
  1. analogy
  2. evolution
  3. cause and effect
  4. rebirth
  5. alternation
  6. polarity
  7. harmony and rhythm (cycles)

The Return to Normal Health, by MPH (1943)
The Secret Destiny of America, by MPH (1943)
Is There a Plan for Permanent Peace? by MPH (1944)
Platonic Love, by A. J. Howie (1951)
Indian Tribes of the United States, by A. J. Howie (1952)
Man's Unconscious As a Directive Force, by Henry L. Drake (1954)
Research on Rebirth, by MPH (1956)
Studies in Character Analysis, by MPH (1957)
Jamini Roy - His Art and His Psychology, by Henry L. Drake (1957)
The Mystical and Medical Philosophy of Paracelsus, by MPH (1958)
Are Other Planets Inhabited? by MPH (1958)
Art As Impulse and Impact, by MPH (1959)
Planets and Earthquakes, by MPH (1960)
Animal Symbolism in Religion and Art, by MPH (1960)
The Western Paradise of Amitabha, by MPH (1961)
The Pursuit of Understanding, by MPH (1961)
Meditation Disciplines and Personal Integration, by MPH (1962)
Korea - History in the Making, by A. J. Howie (1962)
The Inferiority Complex - Solving Subconscious Problems by Conscious Effort, by MPH (1962)
The Singing Line, by MPH (1963)
A Roundabout Excursion into Zen, by A. J. Howie (1963)
The Pythagorean Theory of Number, by MPH (1963)
Acupuncture, by A. J. Howie (1964)
Great Books on Religion and Esoteric Philosophy, by MPH (1964)
Ramblings Among the Textiles of the World, by A. J. Howie (1965)
My Philosophy Up To Now, by MPH (1965)
Life Planning, by MPH (1968)
Proclus - His Theology of Plato, by A. J. Howie (1968)
Shotoku Taishi - the Constantine of Buddhism, by A. J. Howie (1969)
The Saints and Literature of the Western Paradise of Amitabha, by A. J. Howie (1970)
Ritual Instruments of Northern Buddhism, by MPH (1971)
Iconography of Northern Buddhism, by MPH (1971)
Can Zen Retard the Aging Process? by MPH (1972)
Art As Aesthetic Discipline, by MPH (1973)
The Gate That Leads to "There", by MPH (1974)
E. A. Gordon, by MPH (1975)
Problems of Longevity, by MPH (1976)
The Age of Chivalry, by MPH (1977)
Allegory and Emblemata, by MPH (1978)
Alexandria, the Cradle of Western Mysticism, by MPH (1978)
The Collector of Moderate Means, by MPH (1979)
The Story of Playing Cards, by MPH (1980)
Wonders of the Plant Kingdom, by MPH (1982)
Heywood on the Eternal Feminine, by MPH (1983)
Notes on Palmistry, by MPH (1983)
The Church and the Stage, by MPH (1984)
The Great Saints of Buddhism, by MPH (1985)
Among My Souvenirs, by MPH (1985)
Astrological Bibliography: Books and Manuscripts in the PRS Collection, by MPH (1986)
Bookplates as a Hobby, by Pearl M. Thomas (1987)
Here and There in Memoryland, by MPH (1989)
Through the Years, by Pearl M. Thomas (1989)
Some Wonderful Letters, by Pearl M. Thomas (1989)

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