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The Act of Prayer as Medicine for the Soul
The Active and Passive Aspects of Enlightened Conduct
Adept Tradition in Modern Living
Adjusting to the Results of Personal Growth
Ahimsa, a Sect Devoted to Harmlessness
Alchemy as a Key to Social Regeneration
The Alchemy of Attitudes
An Invitation to Insight
Ancient Teachers
Anger - Its Cause and Cure
The Animal's Place in the Universal Plan
Are We Morally Responsible for the Advice We Give?
Are We Ready for the Great Leap into a Peaceful World?
Armageddon - the War That Ends in Peace
As the Twig Is Bent - Hazards of Growing Up
Astrology and Epidemical Disease
Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity


Back to Basics in Religion, Philosophy, and Science
Be Your Own Psychotherapist
Behind the Mask of the Personality
Being Alive Now - How To Live with the Events of the Day
Black Hole in the Memory
Broken Heart and Offended Pride
Buddha and the Bomb
Buddha on the Cause and End of Suffering
Buddha's Great Discourse on Love
Buddhism As Psychotherapy
Building a Second Career after Sixty
Building Today for an Unknown Future


Can Astrology Help Us Understand Reincarnation and Karma?
Christ As an Archetypal Symbol of Man's Spiritual Maturity
Christ in the Realms of the Dead
Christian Gospels That Were Never in the Bible
Christmas - the Day When Divine Love Was Made Flesh
Cinderella Story in Psychological Folklore
Civilization Begins with Us
Cocaine and Karma
Concrete and Abstract Functions of the Human Mind
The Conflict between Thought and Reality
Confucius and the Computer
Conscious Growth by Self-Direction and Attention
Constructive Adjustment to a World Under Stress
Constructive and Destructive Aspects of Self-Analysis
Coping with Mental and Emotional Depression
Cosmic Mind in Action
Creative Self-Expression, the Lost Art
Creative Use of Memory
Cycle of the Phoenix in World History


Dangers of Psychic Self-Deception
Dante's La Vita Nuova
Developing the Skills to Make Decisions
Dimensions beyond Death
Dispositional Factors in Human Relationships
Do We Bring Our Troubles with Us into This World?
Do We Choose Our Lives before We Are Born?
The Duties of the Heart
The Dynamics of Humility


Each Art and Science Has a Moral Structure of Its Own
The Earth Is the Lord's and the Fullness Thereof
Education Must Prepare for the World of Tomorrow
Education without Enlightenment Can Be Dangerous
Effects of Stimulants and Narcotic Drugs on the Human Psyche
Emotional Body and the Beginning of Social Consciousness
Emotional Stress
Emperor Julian's Oration on the Mother of the Gods
Epistles, Pastoral and Prophetic
Escape from the Tyranny of Our Own Thoughts
Esoteric Alchemy - Transformation of Attitudes


Fables of Aesop the Slave
Face of Christ and Master of the Blue Cape
Faith - the Internal Belief in an Eternal Good
Fascination of the Supernatural - Ghost Lore
Fate and the Philosophy of Destiny
Feeding the Mind with Junk Ideas
Feminine Factor in World Religions
First Line of Defense against Adversity
Five Books of Moses
Four Gospels of the New Testament


Ghosts, Visions, and Premonitions
Gods Fought above Troy and Are Still Fighting
Golden Chain of Homer That Binds Heaven and Earth
Golden Verses of Pythagoras
Guardian of the Light
Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift's Satire


The Habit of Thinking Constructively - Cultivating the Positive Outlook
Healing Power of Nature
Healing through Communication
Health and the Zodiac
Hidden Church of the Holy Grail
How Astrology Has Influenced the Religions of Mankind
How Dynamic Conviction Changes Life and Living
How Far Can We Trust Ourselves and Others?
How Hierarchy Communicates with Humans
How Karma Works (Or Does It?)
How To Break Through Emotional Blocks
How To Choose a Religion or Philosophy Appropriate to Your Own Needs
How to Live Serenely in the Age of Anxiety
How To Plant the Seeds of Your Own Happiness Tree
How To Turn off the TV in One Easy Lesson and Live Happily Ever After
Hysteria, Its Cause and Consequence


I Beg To Differ with the Darwinian Theory
Idealistic Humanism
Ignorance, Natural or Acquired
In Bondage to Freedom
Initiation of the Pyramid
Inside the Cup
Integration of the Ageless, Timeless Spiritual Laws
Integrity, the Endangered Virtue
An Invitation to Insight
Is Religion a Dedication or a Commitment?
Is There a Guardian Angel?
Is Worry Destroying Your Peace of Mind? Suggestions for Breaking a Dangerous Habit
Islam's Contribution to Man's Spiritual Security


Jacob's Ladder That Leads to the Stars


Keeping the Mind Active in Advancing Years


Language - the Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Words
Last Ten Years of Life Can Be the Most Important
Little Child in Us That Never Grows Up
Living in the Past, Present, and Future
Lord Bacon's Interpretation of Classical Myths
Lost in a Psychic Wonderland
Love - the Most Mysterious of Human Emotions


Magic - White, Gray, and Black
Magnetic Fields of the Human Body and Their Functions
Mahamaya, Mother of the Buddha
Making the Best Possible Use of Time
The Man of Earth and the Man of Heaven
Manly P. Hall, Dr. Carl Jung and the Flying Saucers
Materiality Is the Glamorizing of Beauty
Maturity Is the Grand Illusion
Meaning vs. Usage
Meditation Disciplines Can Cause Trouble
Mental Attitudes Affect Physical Health
Mental Stress
Merkabah, Mystical Disciplines
Migrations of the Human Spirit
Mills of God Grind Slowly
Milton's View of Paradise Lost and Regained
Mind and the Book
Music of Comte de St. Germain
My Philosophy of Life
Mysteries of the Astral Light
The Mystery of the Father-Mother Image
Mystery of Love, Divine and Human
Mystical and Prophetic Books
Mystical Life Way of the American Indians
Mystical Meanings of Playing Cards
Mystical Symbolism of the Rubaiyat


Never Let the Past Ruin the Future
New Atlantis
None But the Lonely Heart - The Eternal Quest To Be Understood
The New Commandment - Love Thine Enemies


Obeying Universal Laws Can Be a Pleasant Experience
Opening the Doors to the Invisible
Organizing and Conserving Personal Energy Resources


Pandora's Box - the Mystery of Memory
Perfection Is Hard to Come By
Personal Discipline against Prejudiced Thinking
Personal Experience of the Christian Mystery
A Philosophical Evaluation of Divorce
Philosophical Reflections on the Use and Abuse of Money
Physical Body as a Universal Symbol
Physical Stress
The Planets and the Ancient Gods
Precious Stones in Lore and Legend
Priceless Gift of Faith
Problems of Diet and Nutrition
Prophets of Antiquity Versus Profits of Today
Psychic Self Destruction
Psychic Smog - Its Cause and Cure
Psychological Allergies
The Psychological Symbolism of Humor
Psychosis of Wealth Is Self Destruction
Pythagoras on the Therapeutic Value of Music


Quest for Spiritual Teachers


Race for the Moon
Reaching the Center - Truth Leads All Things to Itself
The Record of Lost Atlantis
Reflections on Esoteric Christianity
The Resurrection Mystery
Rivers of Life
Rosicrucian Mystery School of the Holy Spirit


Sacred Images
Sacred Mysteries of the Human Body
Saint Paul at the Altar of the Unknown God
Saint Paul - the Initiate Apostle
Science of Ethics and the Ethics of Science
Science of Religion and Religion of Science
Scientific Dilemmas
Search for a Meaningful Self
The Search for a Purposeful Life
Search for the Essential Meaning of Life
Second Coming of the Santa Claus Spirit
A Second Look at the Law of Karma
Secret Language of Persian Poets
Secret Motives behind Conduct
The Secret of the 33rd Degree Freemason
Secret Powers and Why We Should Not Use Them
Secret Societies at Work in the World Today
The Self Against the World
The Seven Sacraments and Psychotherapy
Seven Races of Mankind from Atlantis
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Sevenfold Mystery of Love
Should Religious Organizations Be Involved in Partisan Politics?
The Solar Christmas
Some Reflections on the Subject of Earthquakes
Soul Image as the Immortal Friend
Soul, the Garment of Glory
Spinal Column and the Kundalini
The Spirit of Zen
Stand Aside and Watch Yourself Go By
Strange World of Psychic Phenomena
Stress: Tension, Contention, Retention
Studies in Stress
Success Is the Accomplishment of the Necessary
A Suggestive Inquiry into the Hermetic Mystery
Sun and Its Planets
Survey of Biblical Cabalism
Symbolism of Sleep in Human Life


Teacher and Student Relationships and Responsibilities
Teaching the Mind and Body to Work Together
Therapeutic Value of the Great Art
Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving
This Enchanted Isle We Call the World
Those Who Attain Integrity Must Pass on the Lamp
Time Is Not for Wasting
To Pass on the Lamp
To Restore the Dignity of Marriage
Tragedy of the Broken Doll
Training the Faculty of Intuition
Transcendentalists of Egypt, Greece, and Boston, Massachusetts
Transformation Mystery - Alchemy of Attitudes


Universe and Its Laws
The Unknown Can Be Beautiful - Mystery Is an Attitude, Not a Fact
Unlocking the Mysteries
Update on Reincarnation


Value of Astrology in Self Analysis
Victory of the Soul over Circumstance
Vigil as a Mystical Discipline
Visions of Divine Union - the Mystical Experience of Thomas a Kempis


The Warrior's Path - The Western Approach to the Mysteries
Wealth Addiction Can Be As Dangerous as Drug Addiction
Weighed in the Balance and Found Wanting Too Much
The Western Paradise on Earth - Buddhist Doctrine of the Pure Land
What Is Anger and How Can It Be Conquered?
What Is Righteousness?
What Is the Hereditary Factor Doing to You?
What Is the Unforgivable Sin?
What the Study of Astrology Can Contribute to a Successful Marriage
When the Universal and Natural Laws Are in Conflict
Why I Believe in Rebirth
William Penn, the Quaker and His Holy Experiment
Winter Solstice: Annual Rebirth of the Universal Soul
Wisdom of the Greeks Can Help Solve Problems of Modern Society
Wisdom School of the Air - Ignorance - Natural or Acquired
World Soul under Stress
Worlds beyond the Grave
Write Your Own Textbook for Constructive Living


Your Own Life Is Your Personal Mandala


Zen and Christian Mysticism
Zen and Nuclear Fission
Zen and the Mental Computer
Zen and the Stock Exchange

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