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"Here and There in Memoryland"
by Manly P. Hall

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A buried treasure in late issues of Mr. Hall's PRS Journals is his five-part article, "Here and There in Memoryland", published during the last two years of his life. This is a droll compendium of interesting stories, insights, and memories about buying rare books in Europe, visiting Japan, China, India, Burma, the Holy Land, and recalling famous people he had met over the years. The stories are generously illustrated with photographs he took with his Graflex camera.

Each of the five parts is found in a separate PRS Journal issue, extracted here as PDF files for convenient reading without the need to rummage through the Journals. Installments are excerpted from the Journals of 1989 (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) and Summer 1990.

Contents of the Series

Part I
  • shopping for esoteric books in France and England (year not given)
Part II
  • traveling with his grandmother when a child
  • Amerindian cultures
  • friendship with Ernest Thompson Seton and stay with him in New Mexico
  • the Penitentes sect
  • visiting ruins in the Yucatan and Mexico
  • trips to Alaska and Hawaii
Part III
  • beginning his world tour in 1923
  • Japan earthquake wreckage
  • touring Japan
  • touring Korea, visit to China (Peking, Shanghai, the Great Wall), Hong Kong, and Burma
Part IV
  • touring India, Egypt, Jerusalem, Naples, and Gibraltar
Part V
  • his Frank Lloyd Wright home in Los Angeles
  • his stay at the Roerich Institute in New York City
  • shopping for rare books in Chicago
  • visit to New York City Public Library to look at rare books
  • ritual on shipboard while crossing the Equator
  • visiting Klondike gold mines
  • another trip to Chicago
  • Chief Yolachi of the Yakima Indian tribe
  • attending a jinxed performance of "Parsifal" at the Met in New York City
  • making friends with an Episcopal canon's pet skunk
  • posing for his portrait in oil by E. Hobson Smart
  • sculpturing busts of Mohandas Gandhi, H. P. Blavatsky, and General Albert Pike
  • allowing his sculpturing teacher to create a bust of him
At the end of Part V is written "To Be Continued", but he passed away on August 29, 1990 so there were no more installments.

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