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Manly P. Hall - Lecture Series on Reincarnation and Karma

Manly P. Hall speaking

In May of 1939 Manly P. Hall gave a series of eight lectures on Reincarnation and Karma. They were recorded by hand, transcribed, and bound with no lettering on the cardboard cover. The pages of the book are non-opaque onionskin, 8 1/2" by 13". The printing method seems to be mimeography. In the typescript there are occasional typos, strike-overs, and cross-outs, but the text can be easily understood within context. I photographed the pages without removing them from the binding, so some of the text lines are wavy due to page curling. In order to read the pages, it was necessary to place a sheet of white paper behind each page in turn so that the printing on succeeding pages wouldn't show through. There is no copyright notice in this publication.

If the imperfection of reproduction can be forgiven, a wealth of useful information will be discovered in these lectures. For example, the lecture on "The Akashic Records" contains information seldom found in his books. As a whole, the lectures provide comprehensive and detailed explanations of reincarnation and karma that seem worth studying.

Lesson I: The Mystery of Incarnation, 11 pages, May 4, 1939

Lesson II: The Law of Cause and Effect, 12 pages, May 9, 1939

Lesson III: From Birth to Birth, 12 pages, May 11, 1939

Lesson IV: Reincarnation and Karma of Lower Kingdoms, 12 pages, May 16, 1939

Lesson V: The Akashic Records, 11 pages, May 18, 1939

Lesson VI: Collective Karma, 12 pages, May 23, 1939

Lesson VII: The Law of Cycles, 12 pages, May 25, 1939

Lesson VIII: Living under the Law, 12 pages, May 30, 1939

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