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Manly P. Hall - Manuscript Lectures (1923-1925)

Early in Manly P. Hall's career (from age 22) he had his lectures transcribed into a top-bound format called "Manuscript Lectures" to share with his students. Typically, only 100 of each of these lecture notes were published. Today the documents (1923-1925) are rare. Within the typescript there are some typos and fadings. These paper issues are nearly a hundred years old, and they suffer somewhat from age, but are still quite readable. Since the pages are long and top-bound, they could not be scanned on a flatbed scanner, so they were photographed instead. The copyrights on these documents have expired.

Full-text PDFs

#1: The Pros and Cons on the Sex Problem (5 pages)

#2: Relativity (5 pages)

#3: Teacher and Pupil - Part One (7 pages)

#5: Talks for Teachers - Part Two
HTML Version

#6: The Masters - Part One (4 pages)

#8: Children of the Elements - Part One - The Nature Spirits
HTML Version

#13: The Masters - Part Two (4 pages)

#15: The Attainment of Wisdom (4 pages)

#16: Character Analysis - Part One (4 pages)

#17: Marriage, the Mystic Rite (4 pages)

#18: The Fourth Dimension and the Third Eye (4 pages)

#20: First Principles of the Wisdom Religion (4 pages)

#21: The Teacher and the Student (4 pages)

#24: Buddha, the Divine Wanderer (4 pages)

#27: Dangers of New Thought, Metaphysics and Psychology (4 pages)

#29: Children of the Elements - Part Six - Dweller on the Threshold (5 pages)

#30: Fundamental Errors in Modern Occultism (4 pages)

#36: Special Class in Secret Doctrine - 100 Questions and Answers

#37: "Stanzas of Dzyan" from The Secret Doctrine with Commentary by MPH

#38: The God of the Atoms (9 pages)

#39: Putting the House of the Mind in Order (10 pages)

#40: Psychology, False and True (10 pages)

#41: The Occult Christ (9 pages)

#42: Atlantis, the Lost World (10 pages)

#43: Super Faculties and Their Culture (16 pages)

#44: The Masters of Wisdom (10 pages)

#45: Axioms of Action (15 pages)

#46: Mental and Spiritual Alchemy (9 pages)

The Book of Revelation - 3rd class of 5 lessons (15 pages)

Scientific Series (27 pages)
The Theory of Reincarnation: Parts 1 and 2
Pros and Cons of the Sex Problem
The Fourth Dimension and the Third Eye
Marriage, the Mystic Rite
A Practical Application of Einstein's Relativity

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