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The Pros and Cons of the Sex Problem, 2nd Edition

Manuscript Lecture #1 by Manly Palmer Hall

This lecture is presented to the public with the hope that it will assist in removing from the name of spiritual truth the vile calumnies which ignorant and violent people have heaped upon the sacred sciences of nature and the Wisdom-Religion of the world. In the name of New Thought, Psychology, Metaphysics and Occultism the most appalling and degenerated concepts have been launched upon an unsuspecting world, already heavy-laden with its accumulated sins, and in the name of the highest and noblest, evil practices are being introduced to students of higher science which if persisted in will result in crime, insanity and untimely death.

Psychology is the science of the soul and in spite of all that may be said against it, it will be of great assistance to the seeker after the reason of his own being and the answer to the riddle of life. It is a sacred science and has for hundreds, yes thousands of years, instructed man as to the way in which he should go and the things that he should do in order to come into the realization and power of his own divinity. From the days of Atlantis the great teachers of the soul sciences have taught man purity, simplicity and chastity in thought, action and desire. It has been a holy thing and there is no more beautiful concept in all the world than true Psychology. But what do we find today?

While preparing this lecture the author has beside him as his inspiration a book published without the author's name (for a good reason) from the pen of one of the greatest exponents of "Modern Psychology". It deals with the problem of human relationships and is without doubt one of the filthiest pieces of mental sordidness that has ever bred pestilence in the human mind. I have looked it over very carefully hoping to find some quotations that would be fit for the consideration of healthy individuals without bringing a karmic reaction upon the writer, but there are none; it is a perfect masterpiece of human degeneracy - and the worst part of it all is that it bears the label of a sacred science.

There is a certain class of people in the world who capitalize on the ignorance of their fellow-creatures. There are grafters in all walks of life and rogues in every profession but even the dope peddler is less guilty, as he vends his powdered death, than those who - speaking as illuminated of God - grow rich advocating degeneracy as the path of divinity. We have not talked much on the problem of sex during the last two years but have tried to show how man should live if he is to unfold the God qualities within himself. He can only do this when he realizes the sacred mysteries of Nature in their highest and most beautiful sense. He cannot be a beast and a god at the same time and there is no use his trying. He must make his choice and abide by it. He cannot burn his candle at both ends if he is going to use the spiritual life essences to develop the centers of positive consciousness and creation in the brain, he cannot also use them for the gratification of the animal nature. Anyone who tells him that he can unfold his spiritual bodies and at the same time encourage his lower passions and emotions is a LIAR before God and man. What is more, such a one is more dangerous than a leper for the infection that he is spreading is destroying not only the mortal body but also the immortal spirit. Practically all of the sex teachings in the world today are Black Magic pure and simple and those who fall victims to them are far worse off than those stricken by the plague.

One after another the spiritual organizations have fallen and have been led astray by the sirens of human indulgence. They have tried to serve two masters but have failed and it would seem that the eyes of the world should have opened to the scourge. Some day they will. But in the meantime beautiful lives are blasted and great souls are stunted by the reckless march of spiritual grafters and murderers who take the money and worship and leave them only death. If any man should bear the mark of Cain it is the Psychologist, Metaphysician or Occultist who, realizing man's besetting weakness, play upon it to the undoing of his fellow-creatures. There are so-called teachers of spirituality in America today who are literally turning the temples of their God into houses of prostitution and standing up proclaiming in the name of science and philosophy that nature so intended it. Friends, believe me when I say that thousands of people today are shortening their lives and removing all hope of spiritual growth in this incarnation - and maybe many to come - because of the damnable advice which they have paid small fortunes to receive. Every few days we meet those who have wrecked themselves and ruined the lives of others by practices that they received in "private classes", "inner meetings" and "esoteric work" where the insane gather to be mutually deluded.

The great problem of sex is called the keystone of civilization loaded with dynamite and if it were not the weakest spot the spiritual murderer would not use it as his fulcrum. Let us enumerate some of the reasons why its perversion has gained such a hold on the human race.

1. The average individual is a slave to his animal desires, passions, etc. He believes that happiness comes only through sense gratification and that he came into the world to make a beast of himself. Therefore when anyone comes along and tells him that God wants him to wallow around in degeneracy he is tickled to death to believe it for it is just in harmony with his own perverted tastes.

2. While the average so-called Christian wants to go to heaven, he does not want to give up any of the earthy things which he enjoys. The crafty rogues now decked out in the garments of Psychology know this and have prepared a doctrine to fit the weaknesses of man. Of course it is popular but anyone who will think can realize that it is just a scheme to separate individuals from their shekels.

3. While man continues to eat animal food he must continue with the animal for the life that he absorbs in his food is chained to the animal planes and when he eats their flesh he must also express their lusts and passions. This is the karmic reaction of his sin against them for which he must pay by his own suffering and sickness.

4. The so-called respectability of the world is in the most part just a sham assumed before the public. Marriage is now just a legal license for licentiousness. Homes are mere names and children the unavoidable nuisances of the world. As the result of all these things there has come into the world a doctrine created by diseased minds, studied by diseased minds and accepted by diseased minds, permitting diseased minds to remain just as diseased as they desire to be, protecting them from the qualas [sic] of a dying conscience by justifying that disease through misquotation of Scripture and claiming their errors to be the inspired doctrines of the Wisdom-Religion.

Man tries to make himself believe the unbelievable but he cannot do it. We are what we live and think regardless of whose name we do it in. There is a natural and an unnatural expression for all things and no man's words can vindicate an abuse or build with that which is wasted. He can be a heathen degenerate or he can be one according to the latest laws of psychology but he remains a degenerate in spite of excuses, prayers or promises.

The greatest test that confronts the student of occult science in the world today is to differentiate between the true and the untrue. The country is now being flooded with new religious ideals. Some of them are great, noble and express the highest of human ideals but many are just money-making schemes catering to human weaknesses and are not only worthless but veritable nests of scorpions. The average individual is incapable of recognizing the earmarks of the undesirable because he is chained by his own lower passions and desires that cry out for the very things that will ruin his life. But the time has come for a clean-up. If man does not do it, God will. Earthquakes, wars and pestilence are the brooms of the Infinite which clean up every so often the perversions of the human race. It is our personal opinion that the Lord is getting pretty tired and that now is just about the time the plagues should be loosened upon some of our sanctimonious hypocrites who go around with pious mien while their minds are filled with lustful thoughts and animal desires.

Let us not forget Spiritual Alchemy. Oh, what sins have been committed in its name! It is really uncanny - the perversions that man can conceive of in the name of spiritual things. But it is time that the lid came off. Alchemy has nothing to do with sexual relationship and anyone who says it has is a blasphemer. Alchemy is an internal process and is carried on within the individual when by pure living and thinking he regenerates the life essences within his own being. There is no alchemical process known to man that cannot be performed by one person alone. Why does man attempt to produce the unproducible by purposely misunderstanding the words of the Illuminated?

Another doctrine that is the pure outgrowth of human depravity is the illusion of "soul mates". Thousands of homes have beeen broken and no end of sorrow and death caused by foolish people mixing up in this mess and leaving their homes with some perfect stranger whom they have been persuaded is their "other half". In most cases there are several of these "halves" so that when they become tired of one it is perfectly justifiable to try another. Twenty-two carat tommyrot! Man has a soul mate but he will never find her until he realizes that she is WITHIN himself waiting to be developed by the unfolding of his own consciousness. Within the last twenty-five years there has been more unadulterated tommyrot and damnable abuse of power in the name of religion that in the previous fifty thousand. When the blind lead the blind in such problems perdition is the end of the trail. A large percent of so-called occult, new thought and metaphysical teachings are pure mental hallucinations of individuals who have no real source of information.

A short time ago there was a craze of polarizing - the most unalloyed pedigreed bunkum we have yet discovered. In this one spiritual growth, peace, power and plenty, and so forth, were to be gained by polarizing with your polar opposite. Gullible people listened and among them many of our young men and women. The result was mental, and in some cases physical, prostitution in the name of truth and growth. What will the karmic debt be upon those who thus defile our manhood and womanhood by putting such notions into their heads?

Cults are springing up like wildfire to prey upon man's desire to learn how to be better and truer. The market is filled with books on hypnotism, black magic and sacred oriental philosophies written by some Hiram Jones from Wayback that will destroy any who study them. These things have so disgusted the average mind that when a real Orientalist or philosopher speaks no one will listen to him. Just a short time ago an organization was formed that agreed to worry for you and settle all your affairs by thought power - for a certain financial consideration. All we can ask is - when will it end? The only answer seems to be when man through suffering has learned to walk the narrow way and through purification has learned to be above temptation. There can be no compromise.

There is in the body of man a certain essence that he extracts from nature's forces and distills within his own being. This is the life blood of Christ, the life of the sun ray, the divine generating and regenerating essence of nature. This essence has only two legitimate channels of expression - all others are absolutely wrong. One is the propagation of specie and the other is the turning of it upward to nourish the organs in the brain. The first expression is legitimate only to a limited degree. Man's power depends upon his brain and the animal abuse immediately results in a dearth of brain power and the destruction of the higher urge. The true student of occult philosophy knows this and lives accordingly.

An examination of this problem of perversion from the esoteric side of nature shows a great sweeping crime tearing at the vitals of the human race. It has practically destroyed many of the European countries, it is blighting the coming generations and destroying ages of labor. It has been the cause of the fall of every nation since the world began. It is going to lay our land in waste also if we do not rise to the need and master the destructive side of our natures.

New thought doctrines are very beautiful but some new thoughters are too filthy to associate with respectable hogs. Occultism is the world's religion but a large percent of occultists are fools and criminals. The sacred wisdom teachings have been abused, misused and degraded in every way possible. The ideas of polarization, peace-power-and-plenty, concentration for success, business supremacy through mind power, and things of a similar nature that are now issuing from a divine Hierarchy of Stew-bums have absolutely nothing to do with knowledge, development or common sense, to say nothing of occultism. There is always a fat fee for this sort of psychology and truth commercialized is a lie to begin with.


The Wisdom-Religion teaches purity of motive, action and desire. It tells of the crying need of instruments for the incoming of great souls that the world's work may go on in the right way. Something must be done for a great moment is at hand. Our cup of iniquity is already brimming over the edge. In the name of the highest man does the lowest, in the name of the beautiful he lives the vile. If he keeps up his present course the race shall die and with it the work of human growth. We must learn that the Wisdom-Religion demands the best and anything that compromises with truth is damnable for anything which is other than the highest has no place in man's life.

We must strike the evil where it begins - in the mind. It is as bad to sin mentally as it is to do so physically and those psychologists who think that by preserving physical purity they may still carry on their emotional and mental excesses (as some teach) are fools and should be confined for the good of the general community. How many things man will do to escape doing the right thing! But he who sows wild oats must reap his harvest accordingly.

I beseech you, friends, to be true to yourselves! If you do not listen to these false and dangerous things those who are carrying them on will be forced to stop and seek for other ways to make a living in more honorable channels. If you are fully prepared to go on into the Master's work you will not be ensnared by these spiders who carry on their web-building to entrap the human fly. Go out and help in the clean-up. Clean up your own lives, thoughts and actions and then help others to see the truly great ends of life and the value of pure, true living as the only path to perfection.


When we start let us not forget occultism and religion for among its followers there have sprung up a great number of human harpies and vampires who prey upon religion using it as a mask to cover degeneracy. There are no occultists of the true schools who do not follow the laws of the country they live in and there are none who are too advanced to regard common decency. It is true that man should live his own life but he has no right to do things that will cast reflections upon his God. Free-love is an occult curse; soul-mating and the various sexual outrages carried on in the name of religion are foul blots on the name of the sacred sciences and all who follow such practices are either weak and gullible or else students of the Black Ray.

Judas represents Scorpio and the abuses of the creative energy, and there are too many Judases on the platforms of new thought and occultism today who would betray their God for thirty pieces of silver. Their reward awaits them.

So let the true student strive to be clean in spirit, mind and body for it is only then that he is acceptable in the sight of the Lord; only when we have purified our temple will the God enter it. The coming of the spirit of truth within is the goal of all life and the only goal worth while - to reach that goal we must raise the serpent to the brain that now crawls in the dirt of degeneracy.


This lecture is copyrighted by
Manly P. Hall
August, 1923.
This manuscript is issued without
price and anyone attempting to
commercialize it will be prosecuted
to the full extent of the law.

[signature] Manly P. Hall

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