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Words to the Wise by Manly P. Hall Topics

Preface 1 Preface 2 Table of Contents: How can a student of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings contact bona fide sources of occult philosophy and spiritual instruction? What is the safest course for students of high knowledge to pursue at this time in their quest for wisdom? What advice do you give to a person who desires to apply himself to a serious study of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings? There are many different schools of mysticism and occultism in the world. How can a student discover with certainty the system best suited to his individual needs? Many metphysicians claim to have experienced extraordinary psychical phenomena. They describe visions of an amazing nature, asserting that they are able to see and converse with ghosts, spirits, elementals, superhuman creatures, invisible adepts and divinities, and even the persons of the Godhead. Many metaphysical organizations make similar claims, affirming their material movement to be directed by superhuman entities. Go back