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"Very Unusual": The Wonderful World of Mr. K. Nakamura by Manly P. Hall Topics

Preface A Philosopher of Good Parts The Soul Detective The Connoisseurs A Matter of Some Importance Chairman of the Committee Mr. Nakamura Wears His Best Suit St. Nicholas Nakamura The Master of the Jade Pavilion The Chamber of the Unhappy Spirits Dragon Tales In the Interest of Science A Ghost Story The Green Twig A Matter of Reflection The National Treasure Mr. Netsuke The Venerable Founder To Rest in Peace The Reading of the Will The Virtuosi House of the Tengu To Ourselves Alone Gate of the Foxes Masters of Invisibility A Valued Customer Returns Guardians of the Threshold The Portrait The Dog Men The Shopping Tour The Cave of the Grim-Faced Saints The Haunted Gong The Sign of the Cross The Expertisers Honorable Son The Hour of the Ox Go back