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Reincarnation: the Cycle of Necessity by Manly P. Hall Topics

By Way of Introduction Definition of Terms Reincarnation in Ancient India Buddha — "The Light of Asia" Previous Lives of Buddha The Reborn Lamas of Tibet Metempsychosis and Greek Philosophy The Law of Rebirth in China and Japan Reincarnation in Islam Reincarnation among the American Indians Reincarnation and the Old Testament Reincarnation and the New Testament Early Christian Fathers on Reincarnation Rebirth in Modern Christendom Modern Believers in Reincarnation The Cycle of Necessity Reincarnation in the Animal World Reincarnation in the Plant World Reincarnation in the Mineral World Reborn Nations and Races The Divine Incarnations Soul Mates Memory of Past Lives Shanti Devi The After-Death State The Laws Governing Reincarnation Suicide Fate versus Free Will The Secret of Genius Forgiveness of Sin versus Karma Disciplines of Liberation Nirvana Bibliography Postscript Index Go back