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Pathways of Philosophy by Manly P. Hall Topics

A Preface about Principles Neoplatonic Metaphysics Knowledge and Opinion Neoplatonic Concepts The Mystical Experience Dionysius Areopagiticus The Troubadours The Knights Templars The Second Cycle of the Platonic Descent Scholasticism Saint Thomas Aquinas Albertus Magnus, Doctor Universalis Thomas of Aquino, Doctor Angelicus Faith and Revelation The Jarring Sects The Principle Teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas The Advent of Humanism Neoplatonists of the Renaissance Philippus Aureolos Paracelsus Trithemius of Sponheim Paracelsus, the Swiss Hermes Paracelsian Philosophy Magnetic Philosophy Spiritual Alchemy The Submundanes The Advancement of Learning Francis Bacon High Chancellor of Nature's Laws The New Instrument of Knowledge Bacon's Mystical Convictions Science Is the Image of Truth Bacon, the Neoplatonist Diversity with Unity The Mystical Tradition Jacob Boehme, the Teutonic Theosopher The Flash of Divine Lightning The Mysterium Magnum The Fall of Lucifer The Mystical Union with Christ Baron Emmanuel Swedenborg Andrew Jackson Davis, the Seer of Poughkeepsie The Messiah of Pure Reason Immanuel Kant German Philosophy The Man Who Killed God The Critique of Pure Reason The Dignity of Duty A Priori and A Posteriori The New England Transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Sage of Concord Eclecticism, the Poor Man's Philosophy New England Romanticism Emerson, the Unitarian The Oversoul The Law of Compensation The Beautiful Necessity The Neoplatonic Restoration A Review The Search for Security Plato's Political Philosophy From Science to Wisdom Hypatia of Alexandria The Knowledge of Causes Superior and Inferior Natures Go back