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Miscellanies: Volume 4 by Manly P. Hall Topics

1. Facing the Future 2. The Mechanistic Complex 3. Vital Issues Employment Government Ownership of Utilities Foreign Relations Banking Wall Street The Farm Problem Racketeering War The Press Governmental Costs Price and Profit Salaries of Officeholders Advertising House to House Canvassing The Old Age Problem The Cultural Issue Religion Health Bonus on Ability A New Theory of Government Pyramid of Government The International Nation A Commentary upon the Quiet Way The Noble Eightfold Path Teachings of the Great Buddha Buddha, the Friend of Man The Basic Philosophy of Buddhism The Ten Commandments of the Buddha The Two Great Laws The Two Great Virtues The Noble Eightfold Path Nirvana: the Point of Extinction The Child's Place in the Plan Introduction The Supreme Selfishness The Propagation of the Unfit The Extermination of the Aristocrat Celibacy and Philosophy Religion, the Science of Discomfiture Metaphysics and the Broken Home Religion and the Child Early and Late Marriages The Psychology of Parenthood The Instability of the Modern Home Advice to the Lovelorn Individuality, A Separative Agent Parental Responsibility The Problem of Accommodation The Neglected Child Shifting Responsibilities The Assumption of Authority The Fulfillment of Dreams The Building of Careers The Infant Prodigy Higher Education Youth and Age Theology Answers the Riddle of Life Man and His Consequences The Child—the Unknown Quantity Unseen Forces The Children of the Elements The Four Elements The Gnomes The Undines The Salamanders The Sylphs Natural Principles Thought Forms and Emotion Generated Elementals Our Astral Children Thought Forms Devachan Ghosts and Specters The Dweller on the Threshold The Building of the Soul The Sins of the Flesh The Three Steps Evolution and the Orthodox Church A Plea for Theological Reform Facing the Facts: Social and Political Essays Patriotism Success Government Crime Education Machines Co-operation Stupidity Prosperity Solutions Go back