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Journey in Truth by Manly P. Hall Topics

A Preface about Portraits JOURNEY IN TRUTH Along Pathways of Philosophy Neo-Platonic Origins Concerning Knowledge and Things Knowable Rhetoric, the Art of Self Expression Moderation, the Basis of Integrity The Self-Taught Philosophers The First Cycle of the Platonic Descent THE GREAT FOUNDATIONS Orpheus, Pythagoras and Plato The Orphic Theology Pythagoras of Samos The Pythagorean Academy at Crotona Mathematics, the Divine Science Plato, the Noblest Birth of Time The Philosophic Elect THE GOOD THE VIRTUOUS AND THE NECESSARY Socratic Ethics Common Sense, the Divine Faculty The Trial of Socrates Socratic Definitions The Good, The Virtuous and the Necessary The Vision of Enoch The Prayer of Socrates DIGNITY OF INDIGENCE Diogenes, the Dog of Athens Doctrines of the Cynics Patron Saint of the Simple Life The Burden of Ignorance The Golden Age of Thought Rebellion against Tradition Diogenes on the Purpose of Life THE SEARCH FOR CERTAINTIES Aristotle the Prince of Philosophers The Mind of the Academy Sages of the Cinder Track The Tyranny of the Detail Mind As Above So Below The Nicomachaen Ethics Plato and Aristotle, A Comparison THE SUBLIME THEOLOGY Ammonius Saccus, Plotinus and Proclus Ammonius of the Sack Plotinus the Egyptian Plato Proclus Restores the Esoteric Tradition Neo-Platonism and the Christian Church The Divine Mystery and the Mystical Divinity Thomas Taylor the Gentile Priest of England APOSTLE OF INFALLIBLES St. Augustine of Hippo The Confessor and His Confessions The Heresy of Manes Conversion of Augustine Three Great Controversies The City of God Dawn of Dogmatic Theology THE PHILOSOPHIC EMPIRE Challenge of Self Government The Utopians Plato Retires from Politics The Philosopher King Monarchy, Oligarchy and Democracy The Master of the Mysteries The Adventure of Learning Go back