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Healing: the Divine Art by Manly P. Hall Topics

Preface Introduction Part One: The Historical Road to The Metaphysics of Medicine 1 - The Beginnings of Metaphysical Healing, p. 33 The Witch Doctor The First Priest-Physician-Psychologist Candidates from the Selected Neurotic Trances and Dream Consciousness The Prestige in Masks Masks as an Escape from Self Medicine Songs and Dances Early Medication by Fetishes and Herbs The Witch Doctor's Practices Not Evil Inexplainable Modern Witchcraft Doctors as the First Administrators of Law The Use and Abuse of Magic Devil Dolls 2 - The American Indian Medicine Man, p. 63 Priest, Prophet, and Healer Miracles under Ever Watchful Eyes Methods of the Specialists in Healing Suffering as Punishment Religious Beliefs and the Good Spirit Masters of Hypnosis The Indian Hope of the Messiah Sitting Bull and the Miracles Holy Men of Medicine Healing by Sand-Painting Intellectual Birth by 'Flying Seeds' Conclusions of the Misinformed and Uninformed Guidance through Prayer 3 - The Healing Cult of Asclepius - - Hippocrates, p. 95 The 'Blameless Physician' History in Times Prehistoric Diagnosis and Treatment out of Dream Experiences The Record of Recoveries Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine In the House of the Healing God The Celebrated Oath Treatment by Natural Means Alone The Writings of Hippocrates Origin of the Bedside Manner The Oracles and Healing Shrines The Severed Connection Secular Medicine in Rome The Influence of Beauty on Health Spiritual Healing and Outgrown Beliefs 4 - Healing During the Rise of the Christian Church, p. 125 Evil Demons in the Healing Arts Sainthood Only through Proved Miracles Galen and Avicenna The Plagues of the Dark Ages Mumie, the Gum from Mummies Our Great Misfortune to be Born Obedience to Doctor and to God The Era of Witchcraft The Devil Fixation The Causes of Plagues Paracelsus, the Mystic Doctor The Protestant Reformation The Parting of the Ways End of the Christian Ministry of Healing 5 - Modern Healing Cults, p. 157 Their Classification According to Method Occult Healing Magnetic Healing Mystical Healing Mental Healing Physical Healing Part Two: The Philosophy of Healing 6 - Esoteric Physiology, p. 187 Some Fundamentals Man's Three Invisible Bodies The Body and Indwelling Divinity The Human Aura The Secret of All Function and Growth The Four Ethers The Physical or Chemical Ether The Functional, or Vital Ether Emotion or Psychic Ether Mental or Intellectual Ether The Human Will The Voice of Conscience General Observation 7 - The Pineal Gland and the Mental Focus, p. 217 Governor and Regulator The Organ of Spiritual Sight Visibility of the Gland's Aura Diseases of the Pineal Gland Extra-Sensory Analysis of the Pineal Gland The Seat of Spiritual Powers Control of the Mental Life The Functioning of the Pineal Gland Definition of Mind and Brain The Subconscious Mind Thought Patterns The Conflict between Thought and Impulse The Magnetic Field of the Brain 8 - The Point of Conscious Awareness and the Technique of Suggestion Therapy, p. 247 The Nature of Self The Center of Awareness Beautification and Adornment Attitudes toward Health Problems Skill as a Form of Self-Control Singing with the Mind Sudden and Dramatic Compulsions The Negative Emotion of Fear The Seven Kinds of Love The Religions Fixation Intelligence and Intellect Motions of the Mental Point of Attention The Destructiveness of Worry Demoralizing Remorse The Divinity Complex The Need for Usable Directions Ten Commandments for Right Living 9 - Ailments Psychical and Pseudo-Psychical, p. 282 Treatment and Case Histories Misinterpretation and Misuse of Knowledge Popular Metaphysics and Self-Styled Psychologists Indigestive Thoughts and Ideas Psychical Phenomena Are Mostly Psychological The Persecution Complex The Case of the Scarab Ring The Case of the Devil's Weather Vane Turnabout Malevolence Pseudo-Psychical Phenomena The Case of the Phantom Bridegroom The Case of the Gettysburg Ghost Voices from the Great Beyond The Case of the Moving Fingers Delusions of Rebirth 10 - Diagnosis and Treatment: Concluding Notes and More Case Histories, p. 312 The State of Easy Believing The Unreality of Matter Diet Faddists Breathing Exercises and Meditation Prosperity Teachings Conquering Human Weakness First Obsession and Divided Personality The Case of the Twin Brothers Basic Principles of Treatment Strict but Sympathetic Guidance The Physical Examination Emotional Frustrations The Hopeless, the Cooperative, the Mistaken Restoration to Normalcy Go back