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First Principles of Philosophy by Manly P. Hall Topics

Introduction, p. 7 Metaphysics, the Nature of Being and of God, p. 17 the Nature of Knowledge and of Truth, p. 25 the Nature of Nature and of Creation, p. 34 the Nature of Divine and Human Relationships, p. 43 Logic, the Rule of Reason, p. 53 Ethics, the Code of Conduct, p. 63 Psychology, the Science of Soul, p. 73 Epistemology, the Nature of Knowledge, p. 84 Esthetics, the Urge to Beauty. p. 101 A Little Essay on Beauty, p. 117 Theurgy, the Living of Wisdom, p. 119 o O o The Beginning of Greek Philosophy, p. 133 Great Sayings of the Sophists, p. 143 Definitions in Philosophy, p. 145 The Lotus of the Law, p. 153 The Ten Bulls, p. 161 Destruction of the Alexandrian Library, p. 184 Go back