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Facets of the Gem: 1946

Quotations from the Horizon Journals of Manly P. Hall

Spring, 1946

So the world of the future toward which we should educate our youth must be something that contains a dream, a purpose, an ideal, and not merely an endless squirrel cage in which only a few can hope to succeed, and mediocrity is the inevitable lot of the majority.

Hall, Manly P. "Plato's Vision of Worldwide Democracy." Horizon (Spring 1946) Vol. 5, No. 4: p. 28

Summer, 1946

All philosophies have made the discovery of cause and effect, and it is demonstrable scientifically in the terms of biology, chemistry and physics. All we have to do is to apply a universally evident fact to a world of invisible but very real forces, that is, the world of conduct, and the application of the Law of Cause and Effect to the sphere of human conduct results in the emergence of the Law of Compensation or the evidence of compensation in life. This Law of Compensation is equivalent to the East Indian Law of Karma.

Hall, Manly P. "Emerson's Essay on the Law of Compensation." Horizon (Summer 1946) Vol. 6, No. 1: p. 73

Fall, 1946

It is neither reasonable, nor is it rationally possible to prove or demonstrate the necessity for the Universe. We behold everywhere about us the order of the worlds; an order which certainly cannot emerge from disorder. We behold secondary things in themselves magnificent. Why then should we deny the sublimity of that from which they are suspended?

Hall, Manly P. "The Golden Chain of Homer." Horizon (Fall 1946) Vol. 6, No. 2: p. 22

Winter, 1946

It is inevitable in all human relationships that there will be periods of inclemency. They should be regarded as passing ripples on the surface of a deep pool, the depths of which are always placid and true.

Hall, Manly P. "Basic Principles of Domestic Psychology." Horizon (Winter 1946) Vol. 6, No. 3: p. 9

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