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The Culture of the Mind by Manly P. Hall Topics

Introduction, p. 3 Refinement of the Thinking Organism, p. 4 The Influece of Environment upon the Mentality, p. 5 Mental Capacity, p. 7 Training the Mind in the Way It Should Go, p. 8 How to Think and What to Think, p. 9 The Faculty of Comparison, p. 11 The Primary Sources of Knowledge, p. 12 The Reconciliation of Opposites, p. 14 Optimism Versus Pessimism, p. 15 Thought as Correlated to the Four Primary Elements, p. 16 Rhythm as a Factor in Thought, p. 19 Love as a Factor in Scientific Thought, p. 20 The Three Planes of Thought, p. 22 How To Determine the Relative Importance of an Art or Science, p. 23 The Buddhist Attitude Toward Thought, p. 24 The Christian Attitude Toward Thought, p. 26 The Materialistic Attitude Toward Thought, p. 27 The Platonic Attitude Toward Thought, p. 29 Mind as Related to Consciousness, p. 30 The One, the Beautiful, and the Good, p. 31 Crystallization of Thought, p. 33 Dante's Inferno, p. 34 Know Thyself, p. 36 The Philosophical Death, p. 37 The Attainment of Conscious Immortality, p. 38 Go back