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Collected Writings, Volume 2 Sages and Seers by Manly P. Hall Topics

Foreword, p. 5 Nostradamus, Seer of France:, p. 9 Part I: The Saint of the Plague, p. 9 Part II: Physician of France, p. 30 Part III: The Seer, p. 51 Part IV: Death in a Golden Cage, p. 61 Epilogue, p. 86 Francis Bacon, the Concealed Poet:, p. 92 The Problem of Authorship, p. 99 The Life of Francis Bacon, p. 102 The Mystery of Francis Bacon, p. 107 Bacon As the Author of the Shakespearean Plays, p. 111 Solving the Shakespeare Riddle, p. 118 The Mystical Figures of Jakob Boehme:, p. 128 Johann Georg Cichtel, p. 148 William Law, p. 163 Alexander Whyte, p. 177 The Shepherd of Children's Minds—Johann Amos Comenius, p. 188 The Comte de St.-Germain:, p. 213 The Confusion of Names, p. 214 Biographical Source Material, p. 216 The St.-Germain Manuscripts, p. 222 St.-Germain Initiates Cagliostro, p. 229 St.-Germain as a Man of Letters, p. 230 St.-Germain the Musician. p. 234 The Death of St.-Germain, p. 234 The Magic and Mystery of the Name of St.-Germain, p. 237 Mysticism of William Blake, p. 242 Thomas Taylor, the English Platonist:, p. 273 The Platonic Philosopher's Creed, by Thomas Taylor, p. 289 Bibliography of Taylor's Works, p. 297 Ghandi—a Tribute, p. 299 Go back