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Collected Writings, Volume 1 Early Works by Manly P. Hall Topics

Foreword, p. 5 Part I: Thirty-Eight Thousand Miles of Impressions (1925), p. 9 The Letters, p. 11 A Document of Human Relationships, p. 87 Chapter I: Inter-racial Responsibility, p. 87 Chapter II: Racial Prejudice, p. 104 Chapter III: The Great Opportunity, p. 113 Part II: Three Essays, p. 121 The Mysteries of Asia (1929), p. 123 (First printed separately in Overland Monthly) The Land of the Living Saints, p. 123 The Secrets of the Gobi Desert, p. 128 The Sorcery of Tibet, p. 134 The Wonders of the Golden Dragon, p. 140 The Astronomer's City, p. 147 The Towers of Silence, p. 153 Magic and Sorcery of the Far East, p. 160 The Mystery of Fire (1926), p. 171 (First published as Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire) Introduction, p. 171 Fire, the Universal Deity, p. 176 Man, the Grand Symbol of the Mysteries, p. 191 The Sacred Fire in the Spine and Brain, p. 208 The Hermetic Marriage (1925), p. 223 The Origin of Hermetic Philosophy, p. 223 Hermetic Anatomy, p. 228 Hermetic Philosophy in Fairy Story, p. 236 The Love Stories of the Gods, p. 241 Nature, the Divine Instructor, p. 245 The Romance of the Spirit and the Soul, p. 250 The Immaculate Conception, p. 259 Summary, p. 264 Part III: The Initiates of the Flame (1922), p. 275 Preface to the Third Edition, p. 275 Introduction, p. 277 Foreword, p. 283 Chapter I: The Fire Upon the Altar, p. 285 Chapter II: The Sacred City of Shamballa, p. 298 Chapter III: The Mystery of the Alchemist, p. 299 Chapter IV: The Egyptian Initiate, p. 305 Chapter V: The Ark of the Covenant, p. 313 Chapter VI: Knights of the Holy Grail, p. 319 Chapter VII: The Mystery of the Pyramid, p. 326 Go back