Manly P. Hall Book List

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The Basic Ideas of Man by Manly P. Hall Topics First Year

Man's Power of Self-Control in Life and Death Socrates, Master of Philosophic Conviction Christ in You, the Hope of Glory Paul, the Apostle of Christ The Doctrine of Universal Law Buddha, the Light of Asia Character as the Highest Good Aristotle, Definer of the Ethical Man The Effortless Action of Tao Lao-Tse, Mystic of the Simple Way A Guide for the Perplexed Maimonides, the Moderator of Learning The Concept of the Superior Man Confucius, Leader of Social Progress Arguments for the Eternality of Soul Plato, Defender of Immortality On the Nature of the Teacher Aquinas, the Great Scholastic The Mysticism of Divine Union Jalal-Ud-Din, Lover of God Why Man Can Know Only Himself Leibnitz, the Philosopher of Individualism Structure and Laws of the Human Psyche Jung, Psychologist of Man's Integration

Second Year

The Essential Nature of Consciousness Eastern Doctrines of the Universal Psyche The Ultimate Approach to God Relativity of Man's Understanding The Nature of Ideas and of Being Conscious Levels of Reality and Illusion The Aspects of Individual Soul Psychology as Viewed by Philosophers The Emotional Ascent of the Soul True Meaning of Love and Beauty The Philosophy and Psychology of Reincarnation Movement of Psyche in Time The Rational Quality of the Soul Purpose and Limitation of the Human Mind The Shadow and Guardian Aspects of Integration Opposites Between Which Consciousness Evolves The Rewards of Contemplation Self-Awareness as the Mystical Goal The Principles of Philosophic Psychology Man's Purpose and Future Direction The Levels of Knowledge Movement of Consciousness from Ignorance to Wisdom The Adjustment of Relative Consciousness to Reality Man's Relation to the Ultimate Good Go back