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Astrological Keywords by Manly P. Hall Topics

What Great Men Have Said of Astrology, p. 7 Theory of Judgment, p. 9 The Zodiacal Signs and Their Symbols, p. 11 The Significance of the Zodiacal Hieroglyphs, p. 13 Physical Characteristics, p. 15 Emotional Characteristics of the Twelve Zodiacal Signs, p. 17 Mental Characteristics of the Twelve Zodiacal Signs, p. 20 Zodiacal Anatomy, p. 23 Zodiacal Physiology, p. 25 Diseases Peculiar to the Zodiacal Signs, p. 27 Zodiacal Pathology, p. 30 Zodiacal Occupations, p. 32 Symbolism of the Cardinal, Fixed and Common Signs, p. 34 The Four Cardinal Signs, p. 36 The Four Fixed Signs, p. 38 The Four Common Signs, p. 40 Symbolism of the Triplicities, p. 42 The Earthly Triplicity, p. 44 The Watery Triplicity, p. 46 The Fiery Triplicity, p. 48 The Airy Triplicity, p. 50 The Zodiacal Finger Nail Chart, p. 52 Coley's Table of Astro-Diagnosis, p. 54 The Vicious Circle, p. 56 Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven, p. 58 Critical Degrees and Days, p. 60 Minor Divisions of the Zodiacal Signs, p. 61 Zodiacal Colors, p. 63 Zodiacal Gems and Precious Stones, p. 65 Countries and Cities Ruled by Zodiacal Signs, p. 67 Theory of Prophecy, p. 69 The Zodiacal Signs in Horary Astrology, p. 71 Spiritual Keywords of the Twelve Signs, p. 73 The Planetary Symbols and Their Significances, p. 75 The Seven Planetary Ages of Man. p. 77 Revolutions and Rotations of the Planets. p. 79 The Planetary Lords of the Twelve Houses, p. 81 Exaltation, Detriment and Fall of Planets, p. 83 Elevations and Accidental Dignities of Planets, p. 85 Planetary Days and Hours, p. 87 Planetary Time Periods, p. 89 Masculine and Feminine Planets, p. 91 The Problem of Aspects, p. 93 Orbs of Influence, p. 95 The Ruler of the Chart, p. 98 The Rectification of a Horoscope, p. 100 Physical Appearance of Nine Planetary Types, p. 102 Planetary Temperaments, p. 104 Planetary Orders of Thinking and Feeling, p. 106 Basic Mental Characteristics of the Planets, p. 109 Positive and Negative Mental Characteristics of the Planets, p. 111 Spiritual Keywords of the Nine Planets, p. 114 The Planets in Occult Philosophy, p. 116 Planetary Occupations, p. 118 Circumstances Induced by the Planets, p. 120 The Planets and Anatomy, p. 122 Planetary Physiology, p. 124 Diseases Peculiar to the Nine Planets, p. 126 Planetary Pathology, p. 128 The Planets in Horary Astrology, p. 130 The Planets in Mundane Astrology, p. 133 The Seven Planets as Rulers of the Year, p. 135 The Invisible Planets, p. 137 A Table to Determine the Degree to Which a Planet is Affected, p. 139 Planetary Progressions, p. 141 Planetary Transits, p. 143 Planetary Brain Faculties, p. 145 Planetary Gems and Semi-Precious Stones, 147 Planetary and Zodiacal Metals, p. 149 Planetary Colors, p. 151 Herbs, Plants and Trees Ruled by the Planets, p. 153 The Twelve Houses in Natal Astrology, p. 155 The Twelve Houses in Mundane Astrology, p. 157 The Twelve Houses in Horary Astrology, p. 159 A Key to the Reading of the Twelve Houses, p. 162 The Angular, Succeedent and Cadent Houses, p. 164 The Personal Possessive, Relative and Terminal Houses, p. 166 Horary Time Calculations, p. 168 The Decanates According to Sepharial, p. 170 The Decanates According to Alan Leo, p. 172 Table of Fixed Stars, p. 175 Comets and Meteors, p. 177 Solar Eclipses, p. 179 Lunar Eclipses, p. 182 The Moon's Nodes, p. 184 The Moon's Nodes in the Twelve Houses, p. 186 The Part of Fortune, p. 188 The Part of Fortune in the Twelve Houses, p. 190 The Pre-Natal Epoch, p. 192 Astro-Meteorology (Weather Prophecy), p. 194 Lunations, p. 196 Prodigies, p. 198 Geocentric and Heliocentric Astrology, p. 200 Hippocrates' Method of Judging Acute Disease, p. 202 Culpeper's Method of Judging Acute Disease, p. 204 Galen's Method of Calculating Chronic Disease, p. 206 Astrology and Music, p. 208 Evolution and the Zodiac, p. 210 The Zodiac in Occult Philosophy, p. 212 The Zodiac in Chirognomy, p. 214 The Zodiacal Ages, p. 216 Suggestions on the Reading of a Chart, p. 219 Snap Judgment, p. 221 References, p. 224 Go back