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The Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition Part Four: The Mystics of Islam by Manly P. Hall Topics

Introduction, p. 3 The Mystics of Islam, p. 7 Mohammed, Prophet of Islam, p. 10 The Glorious Koran, p. 23 The Hegira, p. 27 The Night Journey, p. 29 The Rise of Islam, p. 36 Religious Philosophy in Islam, p. 41 Timur Shah, p. 49 Akbar the Great, p. 53 The Foundations of Islamic Mysticism, p. 54 The House of Wisdom, p. 57 The Arabian Nights Entertainment, p. 62 The Faithful Brethren, p. 66 The Cult of the Angel Peacock, p. 70 The Druses of the Lebanon, p. 75 The Dervish Fraternity, p. 87 Jalal-ud-din Rumi, the Great Dervish Adept, p. 95 The Sufis, the Mystics of Persia, p. 99 Go back