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The Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition Part Two: The Arhats of Buddhism by Manly P. Hall Topics

Introducton, p. 3 The Life of Buddha, p. 7 The Northern and Southern Schools, p. 21 Asoka and the Golden Age of Buddhism, p. 29 Hiuen Tsiang, Historian of Early Buddhism, p. 33 Nalanda, the Oxford of Asia, p. 39 The Lohans and Saints of Buddhism, p. 45 The Migrations of Buddhism, p. 52 Buddhism in Japan, p. 63 Bodhidharma, the Patriarch of Zen, p. 67 Kobo Daishi, Founder of Shingon, p. 72 The Nichiren Sect, p. 76 The Beginnings of Tibetan Buddhism, p. 81 Padma Sambhava, the Great Guru, p. 86 Tsong Ka-pa, the Luther of Tibet, p. 90 Jetsun Milarepa, the Great Tibetan Mystic, p. 96 The Epic of Gessar Khan, p. 99 Chang Shambhala, the Sacred City, p. 106 Go back