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The Adepts in the Esoteric Classical Tradition: The Nordic, Gothic, and Finnish Rites by Manly P. Hall Topics

Preface, p. 4 Introductory Section: Historical Development, p. 7 Sources of Influence, p. 7 Scythians and Kindred Tribes, p. 8 Religious Blending, p. 9 The Valas—The Nordic Sibyls, p. 11 The Valas, p. 13 The Temple of Uppsala, p. 15 Saemund, Snorri, and Saxo Grammaticus, p. 23 Saemund and the Elder Edda, p. 23 Snorri Sturleson and the Younger Edda, p. 25 Dane Saxo Grammaticus, p. 26 Nordic, Gothic, and Finnish Mythology The Key Turned Seven Times, p. 27 Historical, p. 27 Environmental, p. 28 Moral/Ethical, p. 29 Astological/Astronomical, p. 29 Psychological, p. 31 Scientific, p. 32 Religious, p. 33 Yggdrasil Tree Theology, p. 35 The Völsunga Saga, p. 43 Asgard—Abode of the Gods, p. 49 Balder the Beautiful, p. 51 Odin and the Odinic Mysteries, p. 55 The Mythologic Odin, p. 56 The Historical Odin (Sigge), p. 59 Odin as a Composite of Historical and Mythological Elements, p. 64 Odin as Keeper of the Runes, p. 68 Thor the Warrior God, p. 71 Loki, the Flame God, p. 77 The Kaleva—Land of Heroes, p. 79 The Sampo, Mill of the Gods, p. 94 Epilogue of the Kalevala, p. 95 Initiation and the Mystery Schools—Nordic Cosmogony, p. 97 First Cause, p. 97 Creation of the Material World, p. 99 Nordic Trinity, p. 99 Cosmological Origins, p. 102 Nordic Pantheon, p. 104 The Myth of the Dying God, p. 108 Summary, p. 110 Dr. Oliver and the Initiatory Rites, p. 111 Gylfi's Dream, p. 115 The House of the Mysteries, p. 115 Gylfi's Initiatory Experience, p. 117 Subterranean Initiation, p. 120 The Raising of the Hidden God, p. 121 Man's Purpose According to the Nordic Myths, p. 122 Ragnarok—the Endings of an Age, p. 123 The Magic Ring Cycle Richard Wagner, p. 131 Das Rheingold, p. 133 Die Walküre, p. 135 Siegfried, p. 138 Die Götterdämmerung, p. 141 King Ludwig II of Bavaria, p. 146 Personal Notes and Summary, p. 153 Suggested Readings from PRS Publications, p. 158 Bibliography, p. 159 Glossary of Terms, p. 165 Index, p. 171 Go back