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The Adepts in the Esoteric Classical Tradition Part Two: Mystics and Mysteries of Alexandria by Manly P. Hall Topics

Preface, p. 3 Alexandria, The Glorious City, p. 5 Hermes, The Thrice Greatest, p. 15 Alexandrian Christianity, p. 18 Philo Judaeus, p. 27 Roman Influence in Alexandria, p. 29 The Mystical Institutions of Alexandria, p. 35 Defense of Secret Rites, p. 38 Religious Mysteries of the Ancient Egyptians, p. 41 The Book of the Dead, p. 48 The Life of Sethos, p. 52 The Nurture of Religious Wisdom in Egypt, p. 56 The Therapeutae, p. 56 Neoplatonism, p. 63 Discovery of the Gnostic Library at Nag Hammadi, p. 75 Gnosticism, p. 77 Simon Magus, p. 84 Marcion, p. 86 A Summary of Gnostic Doctrines, p. 88 Valentinus, p. 96 The Pistis Sophia, p. 98 Basilides, p. 107 Abraxas and the Gnostic Gems, p. 112 Go back