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Manly P. Hall
Manly P. Hall (1901-1990)

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[Regarding Time]

The one place where the testing comes is in time. Time weeds out imposture. In the refining and eliminating process of time is a constant power to prove or disprove statements. That which is affirmed in time must be demonstrated in time, or else it will be denied by time.

Time is eternally swallowing the charlatan; time is forever bringing to naught that which has no need to endure.

Time is also saving for us certain secrets we do not know.

Hall, Manly P. "Time and the Teacher." Horizon (August 1942) Vol. 1, No. 12: p. 20

[Regarding Cause and Effect]

Cause and effect is the basis of our concept and understanding of universal justice. It is the strong and sufficient staff upon which the wise man leans his weight. The law of cause and effect declares that there is an intimate relationship between every action and its inevitable reaction; that nothing can occur in the form of action which is without appropriate consequence. The slightest deed that can be performed brings after it results like unto itself, equal in every respect to it neither more nor less. We cannot sow a little good and reap a great good; nor can we sow a great evil and reap a small evil. We must sow according to Law, and the harvest is according to the sowing. Every action produces its results, and each of these results in turn inspires to other action producing the mysterious Homeric chain that binds the world to the pinnacle of Olympus.

Hall, Manly P. "Great Laws That Rule the World." Horizon (July 1942) Vol. 1, No. 11: p. 16

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