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Manly P. Hall
Manly P. Hall (1901-1990)

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A Christmas Message, by MPH

This Christmas comes to a troubled world which we must all face with courage, faith, and understanding. We are sustained by the realization that the Divine Power ordains all things and gives to each of us a labor suitable to our abilities. Christmas is a renewal of faith, and it is our privilege to build stronger and more enduring foundations to support our ideals and convictions. In the year ahead, let us use wisely arid lovingly the gifts that heaven has bestowed and the earth has provided. We keep faith with the Christian Mystery by serving the wisdom of the heart and helping those who are heavily burdened with the emergencies of modern living. May you all have the most precious gift of all—the privilege of mutual friendship and understanding.

The Christmas festival is an occasion for serving and sharing. For a little while, we turn from the common labors of the day and the problems of personal travail to honor the ministry of Jesus, the Christ, and give special heed to his commandments. He has told us to love one another, to protect the infirm, to cherish the widow and the fatherless, and minister to the stranger outside of the gate. These things we do in memory of him. May we all share together the blessings of this holy season and find spiritual refreshment in the works of grace.

Manly P. Hall, PRS Journal (Winter, 1982) Vol. 42, No. 4: p. 1

On Beauty

The human being is growing up to the appreciation of beauty even as he is evolving to a fuller comprehension of all abstract values. Genius has existed in every age and each civilization has produced a few exceptional individuals who have possessed a high measure of esthetic vision. As time goes on an ever greater percentage of persons will sense the subtle values which dignify life. The arts will finally flourish and in the Golden Age, which men have dreamed of since the beginning, we shall dwell together not only in peace but in a world made beautiful.

Manly P. Hall, A Monthly Letter, March, 1935, p. 3

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